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Queen City Heating, Air & Plumbing is here to take care of all your plumbing repairs need big or small. Something as minor as a dripping faucet to a large job like replacing a broken sewer line in your yard. Our plumbers have been trained in all phases of plumbing and there is no job that we can’t handle.

Plumbing repairs can be costly and all prices that companies charge can vary just like a car mechanic, we guarantee to always give you a upfront fair price that fits everyone’s budget;

“Our call won’t break the bank!”

Are you getting tired of feeling like you are going to fall in the floor when you sit down on your toilet or tired of that old out-dated toilet that runs all the time or ghost flushes?


We carry a full line of all the top brand toilet makers. All our toilets come with a 3 year worry-free warranty.

We also can repair a toilet that constantly runs, wobbles, or leaks. We carry all the repair parts needed to restore your old toilet to like-new condition.


Did Your Water Bill Just Go Up for No Reason?

Don’t ignore this warning sign. Chances are you have a leak somewhere.  These leaks can go unseen for a long time; They can be underground, or in your crawlspace and they can cause sever damage to your property.  Dangerous mold can form. It can create a sinkhole in your yard. And it will cost you a lot of money.

Queen City Plumbing can find the leak and recommend the best course of action to repair it.  Many areas of Charlotte have low quality and old pipe installed for water mains.

Cracks and pinholes will develop over time causing expensive leaks and decreased water pressure.

Plus as the city grows it may need to increase water pressure to certain areas. Your water may have run fine for years, but the increased pressure will put undue stress on pipes that are not prepared for it.  If you notice an increase in your water pressure, call Queen City Heating, Air & Plumbing at 704-634-4466.  A pressure regulating valve can be installed that will protect all your pipes and fixtures in your home.


For residents of Charlotte, water damage repair is a problem with a very easy solution: a call to Queen City Heating, Air & Plumbing. We have years of experience in the Charlotte area and are on call 24/7 to help you deal with all your emergencies. Our team understands every facet of your home and what goes into keeping everything in perfect working order. We know that when your home has been damaged by a busted water heater or a toilet over flowing onto your hardwood floors, it can seem like the worst day of your life.

The damage that can occur to a home because of water is often very extensive. It seeps into walls, cracks, foundations, and virtually every surface of your home, causing permanent damage to many of your furnishings and personal possessions. In addition, it also creates a severe safety hazard if it’s able to reach the electrical system, making it wise for you to grab your important personal possessions and leave the home if it fills with water. After contacting the fire department and locating a safe place for your family to stay temporarily, your next call should be to a repair specialist. Promptness is key when dealing with water damage or sewer damage and the faster the standing water and sewage can be removed from your home, the less work will be required to restore your home to its former condition.

When severe water losses and sewer damage occurs to your home, water damage repair specialists at Queen City Heating, Air & Plumbing are ready to help you fight back and reclaim your home. We know you can’t prevent the worst from happening, but we can help you be ready if it does, getting you back into your home in no time and dealing directly with your insurance company. Call our experienced professionals for help with all your repair needs.

We Work With And Are Approved By All Insurance Companies
Emergency Services Available 24/7
Fully Licensed and Insured
All Our work Is 100% Guaranteed For 1 Year
Free Consultations


Our trained staff is fully capable of getting your faucet back up and working in the condition it was when your first installed it. Nine times out of ten we will have the parts on our truck needed to repair your faucet but we always give you the option to choose repair vs replacement, in some cases a repair just doesn’t make since when the cost out ways the advantage of having a brand new faucet installed that carries a lifetime warranty.

All faucets we install will come with a lifetime warranty, that means that you never spend another dime on that faucet again, we come out free of charge to fix it if you have a problem in the future.

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