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Hugh Hall

I had never heard of Queen City Plumbing, but I desperately needed a plumber. I looked up Plumbers, Charlotte, NC, and a link led me to Justin. He called right away, and asked if I needed him to come out that evening. I said no, because I wanted to research his Company. Great reviews, and a high rating confirmed my decision to keep the scheduled appointment. Justin was prompt, diagnosed the problem, and came back the same day, after we purchased a much needed kitchen faucet, and promptly completed the job. He was courteous, friendly, and did an excellent job. I will call him again.

Joy Terhune

At midnight on a Thursday night, our water completely shut off. We live way out in the country and knew that no company would come out to repair our well at this time of night without charging us crazy amounts of money. My first thought was to call Queen City Plumbing because my mom has used them several times and they are always top of the line. Justin came out within an hour of receiving my call. He repaired it within minutes and we had water to shower the next day! I’m blown away by the quality of this company’s work and the professionalism of their experienced plumbers. I will be using Queen City Plumbing for our my plumbing needs, and you should too!

Ashley Kouris

Timely, professional and affordable, Queen City Plumbing was very knowledgable and seemed to take great pride in their work. They made sure to go the extra mile by cleaning up after themselves and left my house better than they found it. I have now called Queen City on several occasions for multiple properties and their excellent customer service never disappoints. This has ranged from replaced sinks, toilets, water heaters (both tank and tankless), vanities, an installed dishwasher and remodeled bathroom. I will not hesitate to call Queen City Plumbing on any future needs.

Charles Pierce

Awesome job. Went the extra mile to explain what was wrong and what I could do in the future to correct the issue. Highly recommended.

Diane LaFontaine

On time, friendly, good work, good price. Wha’ts not to like?

Anthony Thomas

Justin replaced my water heater, garbage disposal and a few pipes that were missing under one of my sinks. I just bought this condo and that’s the work that it needed and he handled it very professionally. The price was right on point and everything. Cleaned up behind himself, took his shoes off when he came in so that he didn’t track any mud. This was a great transaction.

Jessica Spanel

My water heater started having problems – after taking a few cold showers – I called Queen City Plumbing to come out and take a look. I couldn’t have asked for a better repair service. They scheduled an appointment as soon as possible, and showed up on time as promised. After diagnosing the problem, the technician clearly explained what was going on and presented me with all my possible solutions, leaving the decision solely up to me with a recommendation as to what he would do – no pressure. After we decided on what to do the technician had it fixed in no time. They were very knowledgeable, quick, very clean and I felt very comfortable having them in my home. From cold showers to more hot water than I could imagine, I could not be more pleased with my results from Queen City Plumbing, I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for plumbing repair.

Amy Houston

Recently our home flooded from our upstairs washing machine. There was a huge amount of damage and we called Justin at Queen City Plumbing to help with the repairs. After he repaired the pipes upstairs he connected us with a restoration company to replace the dry wall and carpeting. There was a ton of work to be done and after it was completed we discovered we needed a new hot water heater. I called Justin again and he came out that day to take a look at our unit to determine if we did in fact need to replace our (10 year old) unit. The next week the water heater was replaced. I was very impressed with the quick turn around and professional service from Queen City Plumbing. I always recommend these guys to my closest friends and family every time.

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